In this blog post we’ll touch on several hallucinogens; psycho-active, or mind altering drugs. A lot of the information will probably revolve around cannabis, since that is the most commonly used, talked about and promoted of the mind altering drugs in our societies, globally, today. This post is truly a SERVICE – To All. A gift, if you will.

Given the time it deserves, this blog post will most definitely be able to provide guidance for all who are open to reach a deeper, more profound awareness and understanding about the millennium old human relation to psychedelic drugs – in earlier stages of the human evolution often necessary stepping-stones between the dimensional realms. This is for ALL who are ready to face and embrace their own personal-spiritual evolution and development at the highest and truest level.

I’ll give you my personal background and experiences as a child growing up with substance using (and part of the time addicted) parents, I’ll also give you my experience as I got older and decided to TRY them – and find out FOR MY SELF.


I SO hope that you’ll join me on this particular journey! We’ve already addressed both mind boggling, loving, wonderful sex, gender differences and porn in this blog, time for something new and refreshing,

DRUGS, here we come!

not knowing

Very few things in life can be categorized, sorted and cataloged under “Either” or “Or”. Life isn’t Black Or White – it’s everything in BETWEEN the two extremes. It fluctuates. It never comes to a final halt at either of the two far ends of the spectrum. Just Not Possible.

Nothing is set, nothing is absolute, nothing is solely, 100% “Good” or entirely “Bad”. 

Apart from religion and porn, nothing gets as much attention, nothing else creates such polarity, nothing causes such an outrage, such feelings of offense, nor such heated, infectious/infected debates as (“recreational”) drug use, and little else stirs up such monumental levels of unbridled emotion and EGO..

EVERY LIVING BEING seems to have a very set and absolute opinion about the pros and cons of all the subjects mentioned above. Intriguing.. And as interesting (for ME) as it would be to explore and write solely about WHY that is, I’ll instead stay on the predetermined course:

Mind Altering Drugs and Spirituality.


Let me first share a little about my personal background, so that you’ll be able to understand  where I come from, and where/how/why my interest in this subject originated.

This is a topic that’s always affected me –  and thus it’s been a source of interest and fascination – for better and for worse – whether I asked for it or not.  I got to experience other people’s drug use first hand from a very early age. I’ve seen close and acquainted adults high on/under the influence of everything from cannabis to injected amphetamine, from mushrooms, LSD and strange African hallucinogenic roots to more conventional intoxicants like alcohol. I’ve seen anything and everything from “moderate” use to plain and obvious full blown addiction, and where addiction is concerned I’ve seen both what I call “emotional addiction” and “physical addiction”. There is, in my view, a clear and distinct difference between the two, both biologically and consequently.

During my childhood my Dad was a “hippie wannabe”  and a BIG “Pro Mind Altering Drugs”-man. My Mom was an average traditional middle class woman (Or a ” Spoiled Rotten Bourgeois Philistine”, as my dear Papa chose to express it..;)). My Mom, suffering from severe anxiety and equally severe depression, turned to sedatives and alcohol for long periods of time, while my Dad was busy inhabiting his Very Own Internal and External – but most of all: ETERNAL – Playground(s) for Grownups; smoking pot on a daily basis (and otherwise trying any and all “cool” and “expanding” hallucinogenics of his liking whenever he felt the urge to “venture beyond”).

His constant, or at least regular, substance use made him unable to emotionally connect with us, his little children, on any real, deep, and truly nurturing level. The difference between someone who drinks heavily part of the time and someone who smokes pot heavily part of the time is that whereas the first one is Him/herself in between the rounds, the latter is NOT. It’s constantly affecting their mind, senses, energy field and overall system.

From our earliest age, due to his emotional detachment, he wanted us to be and act like little soldiers; always alert and able, self-sustained; preferably void of emotions, or at least demanding emotional outbursts and displays; and he outright expected us to be little enlightened BEings who not only understood and embraced the (more or less rambling) speeches of a metaphysically interested, conspiracy theory inclined, highly intelligent and intellectual, pot-high, grown man, but who could also SPEAK like one..

My Dad, born an inventor and great thinker, gifted with THE most brilliant intellect, was – and still today is – one of the most intelligent persons I’ve ever come across, or even heard of, in my life. He was given the mind of a Tesla or an Einstein, and was clearly man who had potential for true greatness, there is no doubt about it. Sadly this brilliant side of his was never allowed to evolve, grow and develop: as a direct consequence of his constant cannabis use over so many years, decades, it was never set FREE, nor grounded and disciplined, it was never fully brought into the “world of the living”, and thus never put to good use, no matter what my Dad himself chose to believe.

He was a brilliant, knowledgeable, VERY well read man, and stubborn like few, totally obsessed with doing His Own Thing, though never actually anchoring this “thing”, whatever it was at the moment, in the outer reality. Subconsciously driven by a deeply programmed ‘hurting’ within, and more prone towards dreaming and escaping and ducking responsibility than Creating and Doing and BEing.

For my Mom, simply defeating depression enough to manage to stay alive and functional for yet another day, and, to the best of her ability (given the circumstances), tend to her children, was a full time occupation off and on for many years. I’m sure you can figure out how fun that was.

That’s the basics of the reality I grew up in.

Please note: Both my parents seemed fully functional, seen from the outside, for the most part; they both upheld work and social structures and standards – as expected from their respective social realities (they got divorced when I was 5).

I did, however, grow up in a seriously dysfunctional family. They both LOVED us, and they both truly CARED about us, it’s just that they were more interested in living in their own individual, and more or less detached, universes than of sharing OURS on the CHILD’s level.. And let me add: though many might think that divorce is a bad thing in itself, I can honestly say that my parent’s divorce was one of the few actually FUNCTIONAL and HEALTHY decisions they made in the early years. 


As a young teenager I was being pulled relentlessly between two extremes: my father’s constant praising of mind altering drugs, and society’s absolute condemnation of the same. All the children who grew up in Sweden at the time were taught about the serious dangers of drugs in general, almost from kindergarten and up, and always in a strictly alarming and one-sided way.

This, for me, led to an ever growing wish to MAKE UP MY OWN MIND and I eventually decided to try for myself – if nothing else, then in order to be able to have a TRULY EDUCATED and insightful conversation with my Dad about the effects: both the pros AND the cons.

During a year abroad, at the age of 20, I got the chance I’d been waiting for, and I made the calculated decision to experiment with the following substances (not entirely limited to psychedelics):



Magic Mushrooms

Amphetamine & Cocaine


Had I had access to it at the time I would happily have tried Ayahuasca and Peyote as well, but that wasn’t an option there and then.

I spent a year meticulously – even disciplined – exploring the world on various drugs, through my own experiences and by studying others while under the influence.


Having grown up around addicted people, I made it my ABSOLUTE PRIORITY to make sure that I didn’t end up like them:

I set up my own rules for How, When, Under Which Circumstances (never when depressed or miserable, for example), and How Often I was allowed to use any given substance – and I stuck meticulously to them.

I never allowed myself to get high “for the wrong reasons”, as a means to escape on a shitty day, when I was feeling sad and low, for example, and never used anything “on a whim”; in short, I never used any substances without being guided by my own “conscious supervision”.

Now; I don’t have a predisposition for addiction – if that had been the case things may well have ended differently, no matter all of my rules, but, of course, that we’ll never know for sure…



LSD which to me, at the time, was the cooooooolest thing ever, in sooo many ways. (Several of my friends had serious downers on it though; the really scary and potentially dangerous kinds.) The rather nasty and uncomfortable withdrawal process – roughly 11 hours – made it questionable if it was really worth it, though, even though I truly loved the hallucinogenic state. And lets not forget the inevitable flash-backs. You WILL get them. When you least expect it. Even years after the last time you used LSD, and that I know for a fact, since I’ve experienced it myself.

LSD can certainly give an individual experiences beyond ones highest expectations, limitless numbers of altered states of consciousness to explore, or simply experience, there is no doubt about it. I’ve had seriously mind-boggingly cool experiences.

Having been there though, and then later in life, having explored Spirituality the long, arduous, on-depth, sincere and CLEAN way, I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that it has NOTHING to do with REAL, expansive, limitless spiritual evolution. And I include all of the psycho active drugs I’ve tried in that statement.

General Warning: NEVER TRY IT ALONE OR IN the wrong company – I really can’t stress that enough!!! First timers should ever only drop acid if together with responsible and experienced individuals – and make sure that, at least the first time around – at least ONE person remains sober, in case something WOULD go seriously wrong. If there is an innate, latent/dormant risk/predestination for psychosis/bipolarity/mental illness there’s a definite possibility that the use of LSD may trigger it – and this could happen at ANY time.

ECSTASY – HILARIOUS, quite simply. I once laughed for 6 hours, straight, while on withdrawal…

General Warning: It’s Not Worth it. Truly. Candy for grown ups who don’t dare to play without artificial assistance. The neurological damaging effects are too grave and too much of a risk.

MAGIC MUSHROOMS (Psilocybin) – interesting, clearly links to the synthetic LSD high in a number of ways, but not anywhere near as “wild”, “wall-breaking” and insanely intense as LSD.

General Warning: Though nowhere near as powerful as the more potent acid trips (LSD) I’d still say: NEVER TRY IT ALONE OR IN the wrong company!

There’s tons of information to be found about the various effects of LSD, Psilocybin, Ecstasy and Cannabis so I won’t dwell long on my personal experiences there, suffice to say that I can TOTALLY understand how mushrooms and LSD can completely transform someones experience and view of reality – especially for those who’ve never been spiritually oriented and open; say, the classic strict academic type.

I’d probably still go for LSD myself now and then, perhaps once every 2 or 5 years, just for the intense and truly fascinating experience, if nothing else then for the “mind-love making” experience I get when combined with really good trance music (If anything was possible and I could give one surreal gift (without risky side-effects) to the world, it would be to let every single, living soul experience the absolute AWEsomeness of listening to really good trance music while on LSD/magic mushrooms.) – if it weren’t for:

1. the 11-hour withdrawal (TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT, after the age of 20…) and

2. the fact that it can totally crash and burn the central nerve systemirreparably

AMPHETAMINE & COCAINE: I tested only the purest, mind you, I had my standards – and both of these gave me the feeling of being Queen, “top of the world”; at my greatest, invincible! Yet was in the most obvious (and rather disgusting) way “pure dirt” to the system, both physically and energy wise. One of these would have been my given life long choice instead of alcohol – had they not been 1. highly addictive and 2. so GROSSLY ‘FILTHY’; so obviously poisonous to the system. Like emptying a garbage bin within, really. And believe me, I’m the first to mourn the non-option of these “party drugs” – the first highs are the stuff dreams are made of (however, dreams never last, remember).

General Warning: extremely addictive!!!

COCAINE, while I was under the influence, created a RAGING DESIRE for MORE!!! I would almost literally have to tie my hands if there was more, conveniently available, while I was still high on cocaine – the drugged part of me wanted nothing more than to stick my face into a bag of the powder and stay inhaling forever.. This made me realise just how addictive it is. Curiously enough, in my case, that (almost insane) craving only lasted for as long as I was under the influence, never after the immediate effect had worn off.

Also: Since I did stick meticulously to my rules, which meant that I never used any one substance for several days in a row, and always had “clean” weeks in between, I did what I could not to risk ‘getting trapped’.

  • Important to note: for some people ONCE WILL BE ENOUGH, AND THAT WOULD BE IT! This is a fact and a risk not ever to be dismissed or underestimated.

I can totally see how fast it might happen to someone

1. oblivious to the reality of the risks, and

2. with a predisposition for addictions in general.

AMPHETAMINE, was truly the all time SEX-HIGH (and considerably less “filthy” (no pun intended, though kinda funny all the same) than cocaine, but still “dirt” to the system, in an obvious way: I literally felt as if my body turned “grey, dull and lifeless” while high – in spite of the HIGH high of the senses, and this goes for both amphetamine and cocaine. What I liked about it was the “sharp”, “crisp”, clear and awake mental state (as with high quality cocaine, as well as the Queen/Top Notch feel). Most fascinating aspect: while high it turned me ON on so many levels that words like “aroused” and “horny”simply don’t suffice…. I was experiencing such high flowing waves, powerful surges and currents of pure sexual energy that I was literally ready to BURST (or screamingly BEG for it, I kid you not!)! Sadly I never tried it out when my bf was around so I never got to experience SEX while under the influence – Such a WASTE Shame!!! Lol! And yes, also clearly highly addictive, absolutely no question about it.

CANNABIS/MARIJUANA,  THE ONE SUBSTANCE I wanted more than anything to be able to have an “insightful” discussion with my Father around – turned out to be totally, utterly, brutally and mercilessly REPELLED by my entire system. No matter how many times I tried, or how I approached it it was and remained a complete and absolute No Go.

My Body Would Not HAVE IT!!! Which, in and of itself, if in a most unexpected way, showed me the WHY of why I always wanted my dad OFF that shit – first hand!

My body SCREAMED NO, and I literally FAINTED if I tried to inhale! ME! A very determined spirit – and also a long term “regular” smoker already by 20..

What I’ve larned about Cannabis/Marijuana over the course of my life, personal experiences and the knowledge, experiences and understanding of others combined is

Cannabis/marijuana, when smoked, is a common door opener for low frequency beings of all sorts. Smoking pot not only lowers the individual vibration, it also locks the energy field and consciousness within the 3- and 4-dimensional reality matrixes, and while under the influence a person’s energy field is literally an open door with a sign saying: “Rooms for hire”. Regular cannabis/marijuana and other drug use literally invites interdimensional beings to come feed on the lower states of mind, consciousness and energy that are the inevitable results.

(And please note: even if you only have one joint on occasion, the physical body remains intoxicated on various levels for 2 weeks afterwards – and the subtle energy bodies may remain torn, or partially open, for months, sometimes  even years.)

I often hear people say that since marijuana is “organic” it’s “less toxic”, or less of a risk, or less damaging in all ways, but the truth is, where drugs are concerned – sporadic use and addiction alike – it doesn’t matter whether they’re organic (“natural”) or synthetic, it’s all about what vibration they hold and render the influenced system.

Also, ALL things burned and inhaled are toxic, no matter what it is. It’s a matter of chemical reactions and has little to do with the original herb or plant.

General Warning (aside the above): smoking Cannabis/Marijuana can (at any time – the first or the 2000th) activate underlying, dormant states of *psychotic dysfunction, which, in turn, could be life threatening.

*I’ve seen this happen, sadly, to may parent’s dearest, life long friend and also my childhood hero. I’d have chosen him before Santa any day, that speaks volumes, doesn’t it?? 😀 His substance use – mainly cannabis, plus LSD, triggered within him a latent, dormant, predisposition for mental illness, and he was catapulted into a deeply psychotic state. He spent many years in mental institutions, off and on, and only functioned when on heavy medication. After a long life riding the emotional currents of bipolarity and psychosis –  fighting with all his might to live a life worth living under the circumstances, he eventually cut his wrists at the age of 60. His wife found him bled out in his study… R.I.P. dearest Gustaf. ♥

Curios side note: He once (back in 2006) asked me to send him distance healing, which I did, and I then saw him floating in the air before me, in lotus position, dressed in a magnificent, brilliant, white robe, with long dark hair and beard. His soul held the vibration of an Ascended Master. It hit me hard to see what he had indeed been born with, and how, sadly, his drug use shattered and broke what could have been a divine GIFT to human kind, had he made different choices in life.. ♥

The higher an individuals innate soul vibration, the more devastating substance use will be.

Between the three of them, my Dad, Mom and Gustaf proved that to me beyond all doubt. All three clearly old souls, all of them with definite spiritual depth and potential abilities (it would be a late awakening in my mom’s case, though, and for the other two, they never got the chance to truly, honestly and in-depth explore their innate abilities at all).

It’s harder for high vibrational soul’s to incarnate on Earth due to the miss-match of density. This is why so many extra ordinary individuals get trapped in drug addiction, or, get seriously ill and die comparably young. They don’t know what they are and they don’t understand how to cope with life, and once down the road of numbing the senses via intoxcation, most will never get beyond the “fight-escape” instinct/mode.

It was even more so for souls incarnated before the 70’s, it’s become SO much less dense here over the last decades, even if we’re still experiencing the overall denseness as rather profound. 


As far as the mind altering, hallucinogens are concerned, I’d say that though it’s probably okay for most to try them – it’s most likely ONLY “okay” ONCE.

Let me repeat that: you Don’t NEED them, but if you’re still determined to try, then  it’s more than sufficient to try each one ONCE ONLY.

If it’s indeed the mind expanding effect, the “spiritual doorway opening/the threshold experience moment” you wish aand long for, then once is all you’ll ever need.

Anything more than that and you’re using it for the sake of using it, or as a means to escape – everything else is self-deceit and ego-playing, don’t try to kid yourself by claiming something different.

These days, due (and thanks) to human evolution and the raising of frequency and consciousness, we no longer need drugs –  at all – in order to be able to open up to, and experience, the higher realms and our more refined, multidimensional senses.

Quite the opposite.

purple small

Ayahuasca and Peyote, in my opinion, both sacred in their own way, are ONLY to be used For The Right Reasons, and in the company of a responsible, knowledgeable and TRUE shaman or their like, or possibly with someone with real experience and knowledge – NEVER DO IT ALONE OR IN the wrong company – I really can’t stress that enough!!!

Ayahuasca and Peyote (and DMT) are the only true spiritual door openers here – they’re the only ones that can be labeled as such out of all of the drugs I’ve listed, including cannabis. How far you can reach with their aid, though, will always be due to the vibration YOU hold – and the guidance you have at the moment.

My own personal conviction is that they are to be used only under unique, specific circumstances when a there is an acute and definite NEED for: assistance with a spiritual break through, or a health issue, or, say, help to overcome heroine addiction. In short: when assistance out of the ordinary is of the essence.

Never to be used carelessly or on a whim.

That was MY take on the matter.

Now let’s see what the Spiritually Advanced, the Light BEings and other Insightful Individuals have to say. Some of them will address DMT as well:




once stated:

that cannabis affects everyone differently “due to the vibrational match”. He explains that someone with a lower vibration than the plant is likely to feel better because the plant (momentarily) raises their vibration.

(Johanna: there’s the MAIN reason why people LIKE to use it. HOWEVER:  my life long experience – all seen, experienced and teachings learned – have shown me that it does NOT help anyone with the process of understanding nor learning to raise their vibration ON THEIR OWN ACCORD. If ANYTHING it delays, or pauses, such otherwise natural(ly spiraling) processes. And THAT that is what is so very important to know and understand, not least where recreational use of cannabis is concerned.)





This website is devoted to the subject of the spiritual harmfulness of using marijuana and other so-called psychedelic drugs. The words of spiritual teachers will be posted and the hard won understanding of former experimenters will be shared.  The insights of theosophists and psychics are also shared.”

The postings spell out the harmful effects of the recreational use and unprotected medical use of mood-altering drugs and the particular harmfulness of marijuana, a substance that psychics say is a drug of extremely low vibrations that serves as an open invitation to the astral world of disembodied spirits and elementals. 

Unwilling spirit possession can be a consequence of openness to astral influences and astral entities.

(Johanna, on that last note, “unwilling spirit possession“: My Dad, very sadly, died of cancer, and he lived for just over a year and a half after he got the diagnosis. As soon as he knew he asked me to step in as his therapist and give him physical healing on a regular basis, which, of course I did.  On one such occasion, almost a year after he was first diagnosed, I’d asked both my sisters and my Dad’s girl friend to assist, they’re all highly spiritual, and during that particular session something TOTALLY unexpected and truly horrifying happened. I’m accustomed to clients releasing all sorts of energy during a healing session, and none of Dad’s treatments had been any different, however, this particular time, at some point, instead of the “sick” energy simply leaving the body for transformation, instead it flowed from HIS body and straight INTO MINE. I felt it physically; I was literally being penetrated, through my second chakra, by what I could only describe as a “force” with a mind of its own! Something was “moving house” – from my Father’s to MY body….

At the time I assumed it was the cancer itself, the energy of it, and that I subconscioulsy, in some Florence Nightingal-ish act of self-sacrifice, took it in FOR him… This, however was not the case. What actually took  place was something that, according to MY current conscious understanding and belief system – up until that very day and that very moment – Simply Could Not Happen, it was – in MY world – against the very  laws of energy healing (when performed by a pure, professional healer..).

Humbling it was, let me tell you, to realise that there were things in existence I’d never taken into account, and shocking it was to realise that I’d taken over/been invaded, not by cancer (which had been bad enough) but by an entity, with tentacles and all; some inter-dimensional being that had taken the opportunity at some point during one of my father’s highs to invade him. There it’d been comfortably feeding on his drug use and low energies ever since..  God knows for how many years he’d been carrying it around.

It took me MONTHS and MONTHS and MONTHS of deep going energy work – and help from the best of the best of experienced healers – to get this thing out of my body. It’s by far the worst experience I’ve ever had, and it happened because 1. I was wide open due to my love for my dad and 2. because I wasn’t properly educated: I was not aware of what actually CAN happen in the world of energy unless you’re very clear about ALL the facts.)

“As for possible use of the drug [including ganja or marijuana] by an enlightened society for spiritual purposes — an enlightened society would never dream of using it! No drug, whatever its great promise, can help one to attain the spiritual goal. There is no short-cut to the goal except through the grace of the Perfect Master, and drugs, LSD more than others, give only a semblance of “spiritual experience,” a glimpse of a false Reality.

The experience of a semblance of freedom that these drugs may temporarily give to one is in actuality a millstone around the aspirant’s neck in his efforts towards emancipation from the rounds of birth and death.

The experience is as far removed from Reality as is a mirage from water…..Although LSD is not an addiction-forming drug one can become attached to the experiences arising from its use and one gets tempted to use it in increasing doses, again and again, in the hope of deeper and deeper experiences. But eventually this causes madness or death…..

An individual may feel LSD has made a “better” man of him socially and personally. But one will be a better man through Love than one can ever be through drugs or any other artificial aid….

Website: SpiritualHarmofMarijuana



“Yes, Cannabis does have some apparently positive effects. However, its harmful effects include ones not properly recognised, or at least understood, by the scientific and medical communities, and they are an unenviable price to pay for any supposedly beneficial effects. Also, some of its supposedly positive effects are actually part of certain of its insidiously harmful effects.”

Website: Clarity of Being


4. How Do Mind Altering Drugs Affect the Soul? – As Answered on “Big Picture Questions

In the previous post, we learned about schizophrenia, which is sometimes triggered by taking mind-altering drugs during teen years and young adulthood. We’ve also learned about the effect of pharmaceutical drugs on the physical body and the soul. Now we’ll take a look at how mind-altering drugs affect the soul. Are they needed or advocated for spiritual awakening?

What are mind-altering drugs?

A mind-altering (psychoactive, psychotropic) drug is any natural or synthetic chemical sub-stance, that changes brain function and alters perception, mood, or consciousness. Many classes of drugs affect the central nervous system both physically and energetically:

  • CNS depressants (e.g. alcohol, barbiturates, opioids, benzodiazepines)
  • CNS stimulants (e.g. cocaine, amphetamine, caffeine, nicotine)
  • Hallucinogens (e.g. LSD, psilocybin, peyote, ayahuasca, dissociatives)

Guy Needler said every drug affects our physicality in some way. But a particular drug may affect or damage one person more than another, depending on their natural resistance to it both physically and energetically.

How do mind-altering drugs affect the soul?

When people take these types of drugs, the energies within the gross physical body become so disharmonious to the soul, that it simply cannot stay in the body. The auric layers split open, and the soul ejects itself out of the body to a higher energetic level, according to Needler.


The effect on the physical body and the soul depends on the type of drug or combinations of drugs and doses taken. The aura is a natural protective energetic shield around the body, which is enhanced by meditation, but altered and torn by drug abuse (as shown below):


The more drugs are taken (without overdosing and dying), the more disharmonious the body, and the higher the soul gets thrown. Needler explained:

  • A so-called “good trip” is where the soul is thrown to upper astral levels (frequency bands 6-7), where the entities or beings are more benign, loving and gracious.
  • A “bad trip” is where the soul is thrown to lower astral levels (FB 4-5), where the soul has a lucid experience of the things and lower frequency astral entities that are less benign.
  • When the alcohol or drugs wear off, the soul returns to the body. But the person may have a hangover (with headaches, lack of clear thinking, disturbing visualizations, etc.).

It takes three days to heal the auric layers, while the person is “detoxing” himself from a single drug exposure. That leaves all the energetic bodies vulnerable to attachment by astral entities (see What Are Sentient vs. Transient Astral Entities? – Big Picture Questions.com).


Are drugs necessary for mystical experiences?

Natural and synthetic mind-altering drugs have been used by people for millennia. But all these agents are a mechanical way to gain temporary access to an expanded perspective, according to Wendy Kennedy (“The Great Human Potential”). She explained:

  • Any mind-altering drug is mind originated. Your 3D mind (like your body) is something you have, but it’s not who you are (see Where Do Human and Other Souls Come From? – Big Picture Questions.com).
  • For example, psilocybin is “like a sledgehammer that throws you into selflessness,” because it deactivates the brain regions (default mode network) that deal with thinking about yourself, according to neuroscientist Judson Brewer, MD, PhD.
  • The mind was set up as a filter to allow us to have a limited perspective of reality. Many people use drugs as an excuse to numb, not to feel or perceive things in the same way.

While these agents may serve as a stepping stone, a “peek experience” or a window into the nonphysical/energetic realms or higher states, they don’t really serve you in the long term.

  • They can cause physical or psychological dependence, i.e. become a habit or a crutch.
  • Psychoactive drugs can become a distraction/detour from your life plan, that was designed to interface with many other souls, and to learn about certain goals and challenges.
  • Drugs can also become a form of “spiritual bypass,” if used to avoid facing our shadows. We can’t jump from shadows to higher frequencies without doing the work on ourselves.

We incarnated here to experience, learn and evolve from facing, resolving and healing certain emotional issues, psychological wounds and needs. We need to be grounded to do that and to fulfill our obligations in the physical world.

Are drugs advocated for spiritual awakening?

Guy Needler said the frequencies on Earth are now so high, that you no longer need to have a guru or do things like yoga to bring your frequencies up. When asked if he personally took or advocated taking drugs for spiritual development, his response was:

“I’ve always had an innate feeling that we can do what we want to do by pure meditation, so the answer to that question is no, I’ve never had the desire. I don’t advocate it. I don’t think it’s appropriate. It’s unnecessary as well. It’s a mechanical short cut, which ulti-mately results in us struggling to do it properly.

Now if people want to go down that route, they can do. I wouldn’t stop them. If they feel that they’re getting an appropriate level of response in terms of their journey, then that’s fine. But I would say it does stop you from progressing, because it’s basically a physical tool to try to achieve a metaphysical response.

There are different ways of doing it naturally (e.g. shamanism, meditation, kriya yoga). Psychotropics may become an unhealthy addiction or a crutch, when not used as a stepping stone but as the only method of getting there.

There are many roads to God, but all of them require dedication, devotion, and extreme focus on getting there really.

My way is based upon just raw devotion to getting from one place to another place, using that focus in a pure way to log into or tap into the underlying consciousness, which is our creator that created everything, which experiences everything.” – Guy Needler

For a great number of added links to more info on drugs and spirituality,

Visit the website: Big Picture Questions



It feels important to raise the topic of psychedelic drugs and their involvement in spiritual awakening. It seems to be a growing trend for evolving people to want to short-cut the natural evolutionary process by involvement with transcendental experiences induced by drugs such as Ayahuasca and DMT. Openhand’s direct experience comes from ‘picking up the pieces’ with people who have inadvertently accessed higher dimensions too rapidly and then suffered the after effects of trying to integrate their experiences in a grounded and balanced way. Such practices have led people into paranoia and delusional reality manifestations. They come with a strong ‘health warning’…

DMT: help in passing on

DMT is a naturally occuring tryptamine compound produced in the pineal gland (co-located with the third eye). It is activated through deep consciousness meditation and is released by the brain on death. It induces a euphoric feeling, and my knowing, is that it helps release the soul from the bodymind upon ‘passing over’, facilitating the transition back into the higher vibrational realms.

DMT is also found in the naturally growing Amazonian plant Ayahuasca, which has been used for centuries by Peruvian Shamans for healing and bringing on transcendental spiritual experiences.

It is probably the case, that used in the right circumstances by highly evolved and experienced people, such ceremonies can induce an expansive temporary view on the higher dimensions and can therefore be beneficial. They can inspire people to walk the spiritual path. However, unless people are properly facilitated with the integration of such experiences in an on going one-on-one basis, they can lead to powerful side effects, some of which, practitioners may not even be aware are happening.

Expanding too quickly

During our course work we’ve frequently worked with people who’ve suffered strong negative side effects from being involved in Ayahuasca and DMT ‘ceremonies’. These drugs work by rapidly relinquishing attachment to the physical body and the realm of materiality. In so doing, one’s consciousness is quickly expanded into the higher realms and especially the fourth dimension.

As we’ve been discussing in our forum about psychic attack, the fourth dimension is awash with negative entities that have been intervening in mankind’s natural evolutionary process for thousands of years. When we ‘light-up’ in the fourth dimension, we can draw these entities to us like moths to a car head-lamp.

In itself that is not a problem, PROVIDING our level of evolution is high enough to deal with the negative effects – to be able to be awesomely okay under psychic attack. These entities will purposely read your karma and ‘push buttons’ in order to get you to release energy – they create fear and paranoia.

Level of evolution

The key issue is our level of evolution. What people have frequently found in taking these drugs, is that they are opened up to the higher dimensions too quickly, before they are ready. There’s then the risk of activating karma, which after the experience, they are then unable to fully integrate.

Once the effects of the drug have worn off, one’s vibration is lowered again, the influence of the activated karma remains, but now there’s not sufficient energetic sensitivity to access the source of the karma in order to process and integrate it. Unless, as I’ve already pointed out, there is consistent on going facilitation by experienced healers.

Although practitioners have used Ayahuasca to release entities, the very reverse can happen if there isn’t sufficient level of vibration – it risks becoming a ‘magnet’ to this Opposing Consciousness.

Another tendency for some practitioners we’ve witnessed, is to disassociate from inner density. It’s as if the consciousness passes through the density, accesses the expanded state, but then has a subconscious reticence to working through the density in daily life. It is here where behavioural patterns must be realigned in order to truly advance down the path. It can create all manner of internal avoidance mechanisms which can take years to resolve.

No short cuts

There are no short cuts to the natural evolutionary process of Ascension. It requires dedication to walking the path day by day. The journey invites us to confront our distorted behaviours and conditioned thinking in the daily interactions we have in life. Only then can we consistently and permanently raise our vibration into the higher plains.

This approach may be less glamorous, requiring much greater patience and persistence, but this is how lasting spiritual growth is truly achieved. From the Openhand perspective at least, the mountain is best climbed step by step. Only then can we be truly sure of reaching the ‘summit’… and staying there!

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6. The Spiritual Harmfulness of Marijuana and Other Psychedelic Drugs:

This website is devoted to the subject of the spiritual harmfulness of using marijuana and other so-called psychedelic drugs. The words of spiritual teachers will be posted and the hard won understanding of former experimenters will be shared.  The insights of theosophists and psychics are also shared. 

The postings spell out the harmful effects of the recreational use and unprotected medical use of mood-altering drugs and the particular harmfulness of marijuana, a substance that psychics say is a drug of extremely low vibrations that serves as an open invitation to the astral world of disembodied spirits and elementals. Unwilling spirit possession can be a consequence of openness to astral influences and astral entities.

Excerpts from “GOD IN A PILL!” By Meher Baba:

…All so-called spiritual experiences generated by taking “mind-changing” drugs such as LSD, mescaline and psilocybin [including ganja or marijuana]  are superficial and add enormously to one’s addiction to the deceptions of illusion which is but the shadow of Reality.

No drug, whatever its great promise, can help one to attain the spiritual goal. There is no short-cut to the goal except through the grace of the Perfect Master, and drugs, LSD more than others, give only a semblance of “spiritual experience,” a glimpse of a false Reality.

The experience of a semblance of freedom that these drugs may temporarily give to one is in actuality a millstone around the aspirant’s neck in his efforts towards emancipation from the rounds of birth and death.

The experience is as far removed from Reality as is a mirage from water….

…..Although LSD is not an addiction-forming drug one can become attached to the experiences arising from its use and one gets tempted to use it in increasing doses, again and again, in the hope of deeper and deeper experiences. But eventually this causes madness or death…..

An individual may feel LSD has made a “better” man of him socially and personally. But one will be a better man through Love than one can ever be through drugs or any other artificial aid….

As for possible use of the drug  [including ganja or marijuana] by an enlightened society for spiritual purposes — an enlightened society would never dream of using it!

God can only be realized by loving Him with all the love at one’s command — pure, simple and unadulterated love….

… [T]here is no drug that can promote the aspirant’s progress — nor ever alleviate the sufferings of separation from his beloved God. LOVE is the only propeller and the only remedy….

Medically there are legitimate uses of LSD. It can be used beneficially for chronic alcoholism, for severe and serious cases of depression and for relief in mental illnesses. Use of LSD other than for specific medical purposes is harmful physically, mentally and spiritually.

Any drug when used medically for diseases, under the direct supervision of a medical practitioner, is not impermissible and cannot be classed with individual usage of a drug for what one can get out of it — or hopes to get out of it — whether thrills, forgetfulness, or a delusion of spiritual experience.

LSD and other psychedelic drugs should never be used except when prescribed by a professional medical practitioner in the case of serious mental disorder under his direct supervision.

In short, LSD can be used beneficially for specific medical purposes, but for spiritual progress it is not only useless but positively harmful.

If the student world continues to indulge in the use of LSD, the best of its intellectual potential will be lost to the nation.

Use of LSD produces hallucinations, and prolonged use of this drug will lead to mental derangement, which even the medical use of LSD would fail to cure.

From: God In A Pill? Sufism Reoriented Inc, Walnut Creek, CA

Views of Two Spiritual Teachers Concerning the Harmful Effects of Marijuana Use on the “Subtle Body“:

The first spiritual teacher had stated in the 70’s or 80’s that marijuana use negatively affects an individual’s subtle body and that these effects can remain for as long as seven years after the person last used marijuana. When this was shared by a student of the first teacher, with a second teacher, in 2009, that teacher added that the effects of marijuana can remain for as long as seven years, if not longer, after the person last used marijuana. The strongest variants of psychoactive substances can literally tear holes in ones subtle body.

For elucidation of the nature of the subtle body, see Discourses by Meher Baba, Sufism Reoriented. Inc.; and God Speaks by Meher Baba, Dodd-Mead.

More info on Meher Baba’s website: avatarmeherbaba




7. Dr. Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute for Drug Abuse Talking to the Dalai Lama about Addiction Science:


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Interestingly, most of the ancient Ayurvedic viewpoints, generally parallel what modern research is learning.

Drugs can be used, abused or addictive. Abuse is a behavior that continues to occur in the face of obvious negative consequences because one is uneducated or unaware; however, addiction is a brain disease characterized by impaired behavior control that is evident to others while the individual affected becomes increasingly distorted and dysfunctional in their thinking, feelings and behaviors. Gambling may be exciting, but you end up in financial and family ruin most of the time. THC disrupts prefrontal cortical function communication with other brain regions. If the prefrontal cortex goes offline, then our ability to monitor and respond properly to negative outcomes (think of a variety of brain and behavioral problems) is reduced and eventually lost. One is left with the addiction and increasing difficulties in life. Recent research suggests chronic interference with the endocannabinoid system by marijuana use may facilitate drug dependence and impair the body’s natural homeostatic balancing mechanisms.

The human body makes its own cannabinoids as a means of maintaining homeostasis. The whole system, like everything in the human body, is very delicate and complicated. Unfortunately, marijuana is like a ‘sledge hammer’, a very potent, crudely-introduced influence that overloads the brain and bodily regulation. Use of marijuana distorts the intelligent functioning of the brain’s endocannabinoid system. Artificial ingestion of cannabinoids in the form of cannabis throws the body out of balance, interfering with an otherwise precise mechanism. Though marijuana may provide some short-term subjective high, its use may induce short- as well as long-term disturbance of the normal equilibrium of the ECS system and may contribute to a variety of different unwanted symptoms and diseases.

People ask, why would it be that an herb that has medical use in some cases can cause negative side-effects in other cases? According to the Ayurvedic texts, medicine properly used becomes nectar and improperly used become poison. When marijuana is used in ways not prescribed or intended (for example, in doses and for periods of time not prescribed), it can cause a host of imbalances and side-effects including stimulating delusions and slowing speech.

“Recreational use of marijuana creates ama,“ says Jadgish N Vaidya, director of Maharishi Ayurvedic programs at Lancaster Health Center, in Lancaster Massachusetts. “It impairs digestion and intellect, it upsets hormonal balances, and it can be addictive, in the traditional view of Ayurveda.” The classically trained Vaidya, or Ayurvedic expert adds, “It is not a path to enlightenment. Enlightenment is the moment-to-moment awareness of totality; the full inner and full outer value of awareness. Not the loss of awareness.”

Marijuana and the Mistake of the Intellect – The Ayurvedic Source of Disease

Pragya aparadh means the mistaken intellect, which becomes isolated from the rest of the universe. It is considered in Ayurveda to be the root cause of all disease and problems in life. Through the mistake of the intellect our physiology forgets its basis in the unmanifest, unified state of pure consciousness. There are three key elements to Pragya aparadh. All three features of this mistaken intellect are caused and aggravated by continued recreational use of cannabis.

1.) Buddhi Vibrhramsh is the disturbed intellect. In this condition one sees that which is harmful as useful.

2.) Dhriti Bhramsha is disturbed self-control where one cannot be restrained from that which is asatmya (unwholesome), or that which deranges the mind.

3.) Smriti Bhramsha, disturbed memory where the texts say that the Self (sattwa) is covered by rajas and tamas.

Ayurveda states that the ideal mind is Sattwa, or purity. Intake of cannabis aggravates Rajas as seen in the increase of appetite and in long term user’s aggression, and Tamas as seen in the dullness, tiredness, incoherent thinking and memory loss. Using cannabis from an Ayurvedic perspective, for something other than what it is intended, in ways not prescribed or intended, causes imbalance to manas, the mind. Note here that these features are consistent with the loss of prefrontal cortex executive control over thinking, feeling and behavior associated with cannabis use. Increasing dysfunction in this brain region is a prime nexus for extraordinary potent hold of addiction and why overcoming addiction is so difficult.

Cannabis use also interferes with Ojas, the master biochemical which promotes unity, immunity and balance on all levels of mind and body. The physiology reflects Ojas through its balanced self-referral functioning. When Ojas is imbalanced or obstructed, the result is susceptibility to disease, incoherent thought, speech and action, an inclination to laziness, somnolence, and increased sleep. Ojas is also associated with sukra or reproductive tissue. Recent research has shown the immunosuppressive effects of cannabinoids causing the susceptibility of cannabis users to certain cancers and infections. Modern research suggests that heavy marijuana use lowers men’s  testosterone levels and sperm count and quality.

As indicated, used as a recreational drug, Cannabis is toxic. Smoking is a delivery therapy for some herbs for a variety of conditions in Ayurveda. It is not used in any Maharishi Ayurveda treatments in the US. Traditionally, this kind of delivery requires the strict preparation of ingredients in precise formulations for very specific conditions. If used at all, it is prescribed at specific times by trained experts under careful expert guidance. It is further stated in Ayurveda that if one smokes the wrong substance at the wrong time, it will create disease.

Cannabis smoke contains 400 compounds including 60 cannabinoids. However, because of its lower combustibility it contains 50% more carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons including naphthalene, benzanthracene, and benzopyrene, than tobacco smoke. A recent Canadian study found that marijuana smoke caused significantly more damage to cells and DNA than tobacco smoke. There is now convincing evidence that due to this toxicity of cannabis that regular usage damages DNA leaving the possibility of the initiation of cancer development.

The above is excerpts from this web page link

This article was written to answer the question “What is the Ayurvedic view of marijuana?” Interestingly, most of the ancient Ayurvedic viewpoints, generally parallel what modern research is learning.



“Some creative people insist that taking drugs helped their spiritual growth”
(TOPICS: Learn from near-death experiences – risk versus reward – drugs suspend your free will – your energy field is unprotected when you are “high” – draining your vital energies – false visions from dark forces – the contrast between peak experiences and daily awareness – how addiction starts – shattering your sense of identity – cannot fight force with force – a true guru will NEVER recommend drugs – outer will and inner will – brain chemistry can simulate spiritual experiences – drugs can destroy the circuitry of the brain – the ego lie that you can control drug use)

QUESTION: Dear Jesus, You have many times in your discourses warned against the use of drugs and I agree many drugs are harmful. But what of hallucinogens such as psilocybin and LSD? There are many creative people such as Alex Grey, Alan Watts, Aldous Huxley, Ram Dass, etc. etc who have found these substances useful, and indeed the esoteric tradition of Mahayana Buddhism allows for the use of ‘substances’ in certain cases.

For an individual mired in the Kali Yuga, they can provide essential insights needed to assist the seeker on his/her way to Christ consciousness, I believe. In my own case, I truly believe that had it not been for these substances, I would still have no awareness of either the spiritual world nor would I have an awareness of states existing beyond ego-consciousness. I speak as a long time meditator, student of religion, and chanter of mantras and affirmations.

In other words, I would certainly not be at this stage writing to you or entertaining ideas such as those posted on your site if it had not been for certain experiences I had negotiated on those substances. I would have no idea what you’re talking about and I would probably be out getting drunk and having indiscriminate sex and avoiding the issue of my spiritual growth entirely. I understand now that the doorway to Christhood actually is also the doorway to bliss. And the doorway to bliss opens the heart and endows one with unconditional compassion.

I believe this is a powerful incentive to those who want to progress beyond the limited ego. In short, why are ALL drugs bad? Is it because they cut out the middle man of the chela/guru relationship?

Surely some drug experiences, like all confronting experiences, can dissolve the ego boundaries and hasten the seeker on towards christhood?

Please point out the huge fallacies in what I am saying, as my christ discernment has deserted me on this issue.

ANSWER: First of all, let me thank you for asking a question that is important to many spiritual seekers—given that so many people in today’s world have taken drugs in some form. Let me also compliment you for demonstrating that you are willing to attain a higher understanding than what you believe based on your experiences to this point.

This is the attitude of a true spiritual seeker.

So let me give you some thoughts to ponder.

Thought 1
There is a large, and ever-growing, number of people who have had a near-death experience. For many of them, the experience was life-changing. While out of the body, these lifestreams experienced a level of reality that many of them had not known or had denied all their lives. They received profound insights and visions that transformed their lives. Obviously, for many people, having a near-death experience was beneficial to their spiritual growth. The only problem is that they had to die to have the experience.

Do you think I would recommend the creation of clinics where people were put to death in such a way that there was a high chance of resuscitating them? If you think so, watch the movie “Flatliners” and you will see why I don’t recommend this.

Thought 2
My point for this somewhat melodramatic opening thought is to show you that although I want all people to experience maximum spiritual growth, I want them to have this growth in a way that is completely safe. So you have to evaluate the risk versus the potential reward. If you have cancer, chemotherapy might be – given the current, rather primitive, level of medical science – your only chance of survival. Chemotherapy is an attempt to kill the cancer—if it doesn’t kill your body first. In other words, it is a very high-risk procedure, and if there was a safer alternative, no sane person would use it.

It is true that certain drugs can help people have experiences beyond their normal level of awareness. In some cases this can open a person to the existence of something beyond the material world, and this awareness can have a lasting effect. However, this recognition can be obtained in many ways that are far safer than using drugs. My point being that you have to evaluate the risks before you can asses the real value. The problem is that in today’s world there is little teaching about the spiritual risks associated with taking drugs. Therefore, most people have been misled into taking drugs without knowing what can happen. To me this is such an obvious violation of free will that spiritual seekers should be able to see that the entire drug culture could only have been inspired by dark forces seeking to steal people’s spiritual light.

What are some of the risks? Let us consider the reason most people don’t have spiritual experiences. As I explain throughout this website, the basis for having a spiritual experience is that you turn the dial of consciousness and tune in to a level of reality beyond the material universe. What prevents many people from turning the dial is that they identify so strongly with the material universe/physical body/outer personality that they cannot let go of their normal sense of awareness and identity. One might think this is in opposition to people’s spiritual growth, but that is not necessarily the case.

Everything in this world revolves around people’s free will. Your conscious mind is meant to be a guardian that protects your lifestream. One aspect of this protection is that you can decide that there are certain energies, ideas or forces that you do not want to allow into the energy field of your lifestream. Yet when you take drugs, you suspend your ability to make conscious choices, and thus your conscious mind – overpowered by the hallucinations produced by the drugs – can no longer make free choices.

In reality, free will is a gift that comes with responsibility—as does every other true gift. One might say that you choose to take drugs, so you are simply exercising your free will. However, the consequence of your choice is that you give away your ability to make choices. And according to the Law of Free Will, giving away the power to choose makes you vulnerable to the forces that roam this world, seeking whom they may devour. If you doubt that such forces exist, consider why most drug users eventually have a “bad trip.”

The ugly fact is that while you are under the influence of drugs, your energy field is no longer protected by your conscious will. So unless you have a high degree of spiritual protection, you are likely to be invaded by dark forces that steal your light. They can do this because while you are under the influence of drugs, you cannot consciously hold back your light and are much more likely to give it away. When you have a genuine spiritual experience, you will feel filled with light. This light might flush out unresolved wounds or even dark forces from your subconscious mind. While you are processing or letting go of this darkness, your body and mind can become tired, as when you are battling an illness.

Yet a genuine spiritual experience will not drain you of your basic life energy, your life force. Therefore, such experiences put you in an upward spiral. Taking drugs on an ongoing basis will drain your vital energy, and this puts you in a downward spiral. That is why you see so many of the “creative” people who use drugs looking older than their actual age. That is also why people gradually slip deeper and deeper into addiction—their resistance is eventually lowered beyond the point of no return.

You mention that some people have received spiritual insights as a result of using drugs, but how reliable were those insights? I can assure you that many people have, by taking drugs, invited dark forces into their energy fields. Such dark forces do not want to give you spiritual truth, because they don’t want to set you free, they want to control you for their own selfish ends. Yet they will often give people some spiritual insights in order to keep them coming back for more. Mixed in with the truth are subtle lies, and unfortunately many sincere spiritual seekers have, while under the influence of drugs, come to accept certain erroneous ideas that prevent them from rising above a certain level of the path. You see, the dark forces and your ego don’t mind that you rise to a certain level and feel like you are a very spiritual person—as long as you keep feeding them energy and never rise high enough to escape their control.

To evaluate the risk of using drugs, you need to carefully consider the danger of addiction. The problem here is that when you force an experience beyond ordinary consciousness, you might not be ready to integrate that experience into your daily awareness. You will not be able to handle the immense contrast between the “peak” experience and your normal daily awareness. This can happen also when people have spontaneous spiritual experiences or near-death experiences. However, when people have an experience as a result of taking drugs, the situation is different, because people produced that experience by their own will and by mechanical means, so they can repeat it any time.

This sets up an immense temptation to take another dose of drugs, and it can quickly develop into an attempt to run away from your daily state of consciousness. This leads to an emotional addiction that can quickly – depending on the drug used – develop into a chemical addiction. In other words, the emotions become addicted before the body does.

The problem here is that when you repeat the experience, you are not likely to integrate any insights you might have into your daily awareness. So you are not actually growing spiritually, because the true definition of spiritual growth is not the peak experiences you have (however they come about). In reality, having peak experiences is not nearly as important as many spiritual seekers make it out to be. The real driving force of spiritual growth is the intuitive insights that help you integrate spiritual ideas into your everyday awareness. 

 The true measure of growth is that you truly raise your “normal” state of consciousness instead of just being spiritual while having peak experiences. It is the goal of the ascended masters to raise the consciousness of humankind. To do that, we don’t need millions of people sitting in caves in the Himalayas, experiencing constant bliss. We need millions of people who participate in life with some degree of Christ consciousness, so they can bring Christed solutions to everyday problems.

Thought 3
One might think that any experience beyond the ordinary, materialistic awareness would be beneficial to spiritual growth. Unfortunately, that is not the case. If a lifestream is not ready for the experience, the lifestream can be so shocked that its sense of identity can be shattered. For many lifestreams, their sense of identity is very fragile. They need a solid, meaning materialistic, foundation for their sense of identity or they will be thrown into an identity crises. A forced spiritual experience – whether it is forced through drugs or other means (such as unbalanced use of spiritual exercises) – can have profoundly negative effects that can take years or lifetimes to heal. That is why I continually state that the spiritual path is a gradual process and that you need to approach it in a balanced manner.

My point is that forcing a spiritual experience will not necessarily lead to spiritual growth. It will often have the opposite effect, and the deciding factor is the lifestream’s level of spiritual maturity—or lack of it. As a general rule, I would say that if a lifestream is not ready, forcing an experience will delay the lifestream’s progress. And when the lifestream is ready, the spiritual experience will occur without forcing it. That is why I said:

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. (Matthew 11:12)

 That statement is still valid, and one of the ways in which people seek to take a spiritual experience before they are ready for it is by taking drugs. One might say that I am contradicting myself by saying that everything revolves around free will but that you should not willingly force a spiritual experience. Yet this seems contradictory only when you are trapped in a dualistic way of thinking, which makes you susceptible to the belief that the ends can justify the means. When you think this way, you reason something like this:

  • The goal is a higher state of consciousness and this is a very important goal.
  • To attain this state of awareness, I need spiritual experiences.
  • I haven’t had any so far. I have tried spiritual techniques but they didn’t work. By taking a drug, I am guaranteed to have such experiences.
  • Therefore, taking a drug is a perfectly logical way to enhance my spiritual growth.

One could write a long philosophical discourse on the problems with this line of reasoning, but let us stay on target. The real problem here is that you are trying to use the dualistic state of consciousness to overcome dualism, and that simply cannot be done. You cannot fight force with force because doing so only drives you even deeper into duality. It is a spiritual catch-22.

The essence of the spiritual path is that you are trapped in duality and separation. The goal is to overcome duality and separation, yet the reasoning above springs from duality. One might say you are attempting to attain a worthy goal but using means that cannot get you to that goal. One might also say you do not fully understand the goal and the appropriate means to get there. Instead, what you really need to do in order to have genuine spiritual experiences is to surrender the elements of your current mental box. It is through surrender, not force, that you make real progress. 

Thought 4
You ask whether taking drugs is an attempt to “cut out the middle man of the chela/guru relationship,” and the answer is that it depends on what kind of guru you are talking about. A true guru, one who is working under the lineage of the ascended masters, will NEVER recommend drugs for any student. It simply isn’t done by us, period! The reason is partly that the risks are too great, but the real reason is that drugs do circumvent the guru-chela relationship. Why would you need a guru when you can just take a pill?

In connection with the previous thought, here is the central dilemma in human existence and on the spiritual path. Everything is subject to your free will, yet most people are not exercising their free will. They are letting their egos make most choices for them, as explained by the Presence of God’s Will. So to truly walk the spiritual path, you must use your conscious will to decide that you will go beyond the outer will of the ego and connect to the inner will of your I AM Presence.

This process can be difficult and confusing, especially for the beginning student. That is why we offer the guru-chela, or master-disciple, relationship. The basic principle here is that the student surrenders his outer, ego-based, will to the master. This gives the student a temporary reprieve from the confusion of having to battle his outer will or discerning between the ego’s will and the higher will. The master is making decisions for the student, the master is more spiritually mature than the student and is outside the student’s mental box. Therefore, the master can gradually guide the student to a greater discernment between the lower will and the true will. The master knows how to guide each individual student, and this might entail not allowing a student to have a spiritual experience until the student is ready for it. For an excellent description of this process, read Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Again, based on the previous thought, it should be possible to see that when you take a drug, it is the outer will that decides to do so. So you are making the essential error of thinking that you can use the outer will, the will of the ego, to escape the ego. This simply cannot be done. The only way is to transcend the ego, and to do that you must make contact with something higher. However, that something is not really a spiritual experience. The real escape is to contact your Christ self and gradually merge with that self so you have a permanent transformation of consciousness.

My point is that having a powerful spiritual experience will not necessarily and automatically enhance your spiritual growth. If you are not ready to integrate the experience, it can be a distraction or even a hindrance. When you work with an outer guru (physical or ascended) or the inner guru of your Christ self, you are essentially admitting that your ego will never know when you are ready for a spiritual experience. Thus, you are setting aside the will of the ego and submitting to a higher will, trusting that when you are ready, you will have the experiences you need. Instead of taking heaven by force, you are following my call:

 In your patience possess ye your souls. (Luke 21:19)

 The ego always thinks it knows best, even better than a spiritual teacher or God. But if you follow the ego, the ego becomes your guru, and how can it take you beyond the duality from which it was born?

Thought 5
You know from medical science that when a person has open brain surgery, it is possible to physically or electrically stimulate specific centers of the brain and produce certain experiences in the patient’s mind, including spiritual experiences. This fact has been used by some scientists as “proof” that all religion and spirituality is the product of brain chemistry. This is a flawed reasoning. In reality, the brain is the interface between the lifestream and the body. When your lifestream is in the body, it experiences everything through the brain, including a spiritual experience. As I said, when you have a spiritual experience, you turn the dial of consciousness and tune in to the spiritual realm. This can be done through the brain because the brain has centers that facilitate such an experience.

Because the brain has the physical machinery for a spiritual experience, it is possible to stimulate the brain into producing what seems like a genuine experience. This can be done through physical, electrical, magnetic and chemical stimuli. The problem is that this is not a genuine spiritual experience. It is an experience produced by the brain, and while it may seem very authentic, it is not the real thing. It is like the difference between watching a movie of a beautiful beach and actually being physically present on that beach. My point being that the majority of drug-induced “spiritual” experiences are not genuine.

In all fairness, it must be stated that a few people have actually had out-of-body experiences as a result of taking drugs. In that case, it is possible that a lifestream can travel to the spiritual realm and have a genuine experience while the brain is under the influence of drugs. In rare cases, the lifestream might actually have some memory of the genuine experience. The problem here is that there is a great risk that a lifestream can go to lower realms instead of the spiritual realm—and this risk is much higher for people who are willing to take heaven by force. If a lifestream has the spiritual maturity to go to the spiritual realm, that lifestream could easily learn to have genuine spiritual experiences without drugs. It would mainly take a correct understanding of the need to surrender the outer will of the ego and connect to the higher will. Obviously, spiritual techniques and studies can be a great help.

My point is that if a lifestream is mature enough to have genuine spiritual experiences from drugs without being trapped in the risks, that lifestream really doesn’t need the drugs. Unfortunately, there are examples of many such lifestreams who got caught up in the drug culture and ended up in addiction instead of having the spiritual breakthrough for which they were almost ready.

Thought 6
The fact that the brain’s machinery can handle the intense energies of a spiritual experience brings up the most severe risk concerning drug use. The circuitry in the brain that allows for a spiritual experience is very complex, and thus rather delicate. You know very well that if you take an appliance that is designed for 110 Volt and plug it into a 220 Volt outlet, you will destroy the circuitry. Likewise, hallucinogenic drugs can damage the circuitry that allows the brain to facilitate a spiritual experience.

That is why most of the people who take drugs will need progressively larger doses in order to get the same experience. The explanation is that the circuitry gradually becomes damaged, so it takes more “power” to get the “lights” to go on. This, of course, becomes a vicious circle that often ends up in chemical addiction. Many people have damaged their brains to such an extent that they can no longer have a genuine spiritual experience. Yet they can still force the brain to produce the look-a-like. Such people often think they are very spiritual, but “its all in the brain.”

Thought 7
What do you do if you have taken drugs? That depends on whether you are still taking them. If you are still using drugs, even on an irregular basis, I strongly urge you to STOP IMMEDIATELY. You might have heard the saying that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. If you are open to the teachings on this website, you are at a level where drugs will do absolutely nothing for your spiritual growth. Even if you thought you needed drugs in the past, you no longer need them.

Be aware that the ego thinks it knows everything, so it will tell you that you are one of the people who can take drugs and keep it under control—you can do what other people can’t do. This is the main reason why some “creative” people have used drugs for a lifetime, and it shows you they are controlled by the pride of their egos—which truly is not very creative.

I know there are people who are firmly convinced that they have not been harmed by taking drugs and that it has accelerated their spiritual growth. Let us assume this is true. If so, there can be only one reason, namely that you are an advanced lifestream and that you have great spiritual protection. If that is the case, you should realize that a truly advanced lifestream does not need drugs to have a spiritual experience, and it is time to throw away the crutch. If you can’t give up drugs, perhaps you are not really as advanced as you think.

You should also consider that spiritual protection is a grace that can be used up. If you have earned spiritual protection in past lives, you can get away with many things in this life. Yet if you continue to tempt God, your protection might run out and then I can assure you that drugs will suddenly have a very different effect on you—as you see in the lives of some “creative” people. Also, if you have protection, be very careful about getting other people to use drugs. If they don’t have the same protection, they will be affected differently and you will make karma by influencing them.

If you have already stopped taking drugs, congratulations! Simply focus on making spiritual progress and don’t blame yourself. However, be aware that you need to seriously consider the need to surrender the anti-will of the ego to the higher will of either an outer guru or the inner guru of your Christ self. I recommend the Rosary to God’s Will for this purpose, especially a 33-day vigil. I would also highly recommend that you use spiritual techniques, such as Mother Mary’s invocations and the decrees, to repair the brain’s machinery by invoking spiritual energy. You can also use various methods to cleanse the body from the chemical residue of the drugs, which can linger in the brain for a long time and block spiritual experiences.

In conclusion, let me say that while a few people have become more open to the spiritual side of life by using drugs, these lifestreams could have attained the same – and in many cases better – results by following a genuine spiritual teaching.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that anyone who is open to this website avoids drugs or does whatever it takes to escape their downward pull. You cannot serve two masters!

Thought 8
As far as the many creative people who have taken drugs, there is a fundamental difference between being a creative person and being a genuine spiritual teacher. You simply have to decide whom you will follow, whom you will make your guru. If you select a guru or role-model, that guru can take you no higher than his own state of consciousness. Do you really want to go where these “creative” people are in consciousness, or would you rather go where I am in consciousness?

Answers from Ascended Master Jesus, through Kim Michaels

Website: Ascended Master Answers

fire heart

And Some Final, Personal Words, in closing:

With Dad it was all about jumping between various hippie communities so he could meet up with his friends as he pleased, living in his WV bus, and constant abandonment – the result of his general lack of parental skills, such as responsibility, sensibility, conscious awareness of his offspring, nurturing and general adult support, all due to his being constantly high. Traditional family rituals such as bed time stories and the likes were few and far between. We got adventure, traveling and broad horizons, though. 😉 After 20 years of smoking either daily or weekly, my Dad quit abruptly, and so I got to witness, first hand, the complete transformation of personality that was the inevitable result.

I was and am immensely grateful for having been given a “new” Dad, as an adult, one actually PRESENT (and TRULY empathetic) and able to interact in the world of the living. Even if you died prematurely, and for all the wrong reasons, which truly sucked, at least we got pretty much as many years with you OFF drugs as on them. Thank you for that, Daddy. Love You. ♥ ♥ ♥

With Mom it was all about traditional middle class life (though on a low income working class budget – at best..) – all the usual parent-child stuff, including home cooked meals (as in meals that KIDS like and thrive on, as opposed to Dad’s hideous “healthy *read: super budget* inventions..), including daily bed time fairy tale reading. When she was sober, that is. And then the completely off-putting, scary dribble and general inadequacy that comes with drunkenness, in between.

Growing up experiencing two such extreme worlds, and getting to see the effects of such a wide variety of drug use (nah, let’s spell it out: drug ABUSE! And I haven’t even mentioned all of Dad’s “Hippie” friends…) gave me a much broader view of life and reality than that of anyone I ever knew as a child. Or later in life, for that matter. It wasn’t exactly the happiest of childhoods, nor the easiest, not by any means, and yet, as always in life, it gave us gifts that both I and my sisters would later learn to use to our own advantage, on the life long quest towards wholeness, happiness and self-growth.

Having been brought up in two, ideologically HIGHLY different, “camps”, shipped from one to the other as the needs and capabilities of my parents varied, one of which revered mind altering drugs – and spirituality – like a new religion, whereas the other denied all that wasn’t Approved By Society, Conventional Standards and Holy Modern Science 😉 I had no choice but to thoroughly find My Own Truth, for My Self. Which is a good thing indeed.


I don’t judge. I don’t tell people what to do or what not to do.

All I’m saying is:



Self-transparency, honesty, insight, awareness, knowledge, understanding of the full picture, acceptance of What Is. I could never expect anything less from anyone born free, nor should I. Not from myself, not from anyone else. Do As You Please, just OWN it, fully, along with ALL of the reasons WHY.

Much Love,

Johanna ♥

And a good laugh prolongs life, so here you go! 🙂

ART WORK: (Lilac Lion) “True potential”, painting from 2015. By Mel Mahalo Art.


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